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Magnolia House

This lovely home was unveiled to fans on a special Christmas 2015 episode. It operated as the Magnolia House vacation rental property from 2016 until it was put up for sale in 2023.

You won’t be able to go inside, but you can take a great group photo in front of the gate. Magnolia House is located in nearby McGregor, Texas, a short 15-mile drive from Waco.

If you’ve got Fixer Upper Fever, you already know that the dynamic duo recently remodeled a late 1800s house, turning it into a vacation rental property called Magnolia House. The property was featured on Season 3, Episode 14. The Innkeepers home, on adjacent property, was featured on Season 3, Episode 16.

The beautiful house was redesigned by Joanna to reflect the charm of their own farmhouse. You’ll find lots of shiplap and kind thoughts on the walls, unique use of hidden spaces, and a wrap-around porch. Joanna’s touch is all around.

Joanna says it best in her blog post about the property:



323 S Madison Ave, McGregor, TX 76657