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Wacoheartoftexas.com is the Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau’s visitor website. Due to the volume of businesses in the Waco area, not all can be listed on this website. Please read the basic criteria for guidance.  Unless otherwise noted, listings must be for businesses in the cities of Waco and Hewitt. Submissions will be reviewed by Waco CVB staff to determine if they are appropriate for this website. Most listings will also appear on the Waco Visitor App, and Visitor Kiosks located at the Waco Convention Center, Waco Tourist Information Center, and Waco Regional Airport. They will be added where appropriate to printed materials as those are reprinted.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all restaurants and food trucks in Waco and Hewitt. Due to the sheer volume of restaurants, fast-food establishments are generally excluded.


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