Key Downtown Exits Closing on I-35

Due to construction, some of our key downtown  exits will be closed this summer. These include 4th/5th St. exits (335A) and University-Parks Drive (335B).

Please take Exit 335C, Martin Luther King Dr. to get to downtown Waco. You’ll find this is a quick and easy way to access the Convention Center, downtown hotels, restaurants, shopping, and attractions, and Magnolia Market. Just look to your left, and you’ll see a beautiful view of downtown. Turn left on Washington and go across the magnificent bridge, and you’ll be at the Convention Center. To get to Magnolia Market from there, continue on Washington to 6th Street. Turn left and go several blocks to Webster Ave. The Silos, and the market, are on your right.

For more information on the exit closures, visit TXDOT’s website at