New Film Project Looking for Assistance and Contacts in Waco

A group of filmmakers are working on a new film project telling the story of serial killer Kenneth McDuff.  They will be researching, interviewing, and shooting around the Waco area in the weeks and months to come. Here are some of their needs so far. If you can help, please email [email protected] and she will pass the information on to the filmmakers.

1. They are interested in interviewing anyone from back in the day who knew the McDuffs personally, or knew of them. This might include any local residents, relatives and/or law enforcement personnel who were aware of Kenneth McDuff and/or his family in the 1960’s.

2. They would also like to know who owns the McDuff family home in Belton. The McDuff family lived in Rosebud, then Belton.

3. They would like to contact and interview the following people:

  • Tommy Sammons and Bud Malcik, who went to school with McDuff in the 1960’s (near Rosebud)
  • Essie Trubee, who patronized Addie McDuff’s laundromat
  • Martha Royal, an elementary school teacher
  • Ellen Roberts, a teacher
  • Roy Dale Green
  • Richard Stroup (McLennan County Deputy)
  • Fred Labowitz: a renowned psychologist

4. When they do a larger shoot in September, they will need some film cars from locals. If you have one of these, please email a photo to [email protected] along with make and model, and she will pass the information on to the filmmakers.

  • 1985 Ford Thunderbird 2-door coup (beige if possible)
  • 1991 White Mazda Miata
  • 1990 (ish) Red GMC pickup truck
  • 1955 Ford (no model specified)
  • 1960’s Dodge Coronet
  • 1980s or 90s Buick Regal

Thank you for any help you can give to this project.