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Lee Lockwood Library & Museum

Discover the majesty of Waco’s own Lee Lockwood Library and Museum. The home of the Waco Scottish Rite of Freemasonry also hosts a variety of public and private events.

Lee Lockwood Scottish Rite Library and Museum (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM -5:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

The Lee Lockwood Library and Museum offers five multi-purpose event spaces, which can be rented separately or in groups.

The Howard Ballroom

The downstairs Howard Ballroom, with over 8600 square feet, is the perfect location for your large event. The ballroom features space for 550 dinner guests or 1000 guests without tables; a fully-equipped audio and video system with wireless mics, a 32-channel sound board, and nine video screens; a movable stage for entertainment; a 16-person dais with a main podium, with an additional mobile podium available; a kitchen and serving area; separate entries and exits from first-floor venues; and a rear entrance for caterers, decorators, and stage crew.

The Main Atrium

With entrances on three sides and a wall of windows that soars over the Waco Drive entrance, the Main Atrium provides guests with a striking first impression as they enter Lee Lockwood Library and Museum. The Main Atrium allows easy access to the Beard Auditorium and Lee Lockwood Library, as well as access to the main floor restrooms, stairways, and elevators. If rented separately as an event space, its floor space can accommodate up to 400 guests.

The Lower Atrium

With easy access to curbside parking and the east side parking lot (separate from the main floor), the Lower Atrium makes a fantastic entrance and exit to the lower level. With room for up to 400 guests, the Lower Atrium is perfect for a cocktail party or reception and is adjacent to the Howard Ballroom.

The Beard Auditorium

The stage is set for elegance in the Beard Auditorium.
The centerpiece of the main level of our facility, the Beard Auditorium has room for over 300 guests, up to date audio/visual systems, and beautiful stage backdrops. A wide center aisle allows easy access to and from the stage with doors emptying into the Main Atrium and Lee Lockwood Library from various points within the room.

The auditorium is perfectly suited for weddings, awards ceremonies, small stage productions, musical acts, and much more. In addition, many in-house backdrops of classical scenes provide the perfect setting for your special event.

The Lee Lockwood Library

The two story Lee Lockwood Library features a picturesque marble staircase and ample room for up to 200 visitors. Glass windows separate the library from the adjacent Main Atrium, and privacy curtains are available to cover the library stacks if desired.

The library is able to host small events in its own right, and has its own separate sound system with wireless mics. It also serves as a fantastic photo setting for capturing those treasured memories.

Parking Lots and Building Access

Our well-lit parking lot features over over 300 parking spots and eleven handicap accessible spaces, with entries and exits from 27th and 29th Streets. The lot extends around 3 sides of the building for easy access to entrances to the many event venues, as well as a rear entrance for caterers, decorators, and stage crews. Curb-side access is also available on both sides of the building for valet or limo service.


2801 W Waco Dr, Waco, TX 76707


(254) 754-3942