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The McGregor House

This lovely home was unveiled to fans on a special Christmas 2015 episode. It operated as the Magnolia House vacation rental property from 2016 until it was purchased by Landmark Luxury Stays. 

Relax and unwind at the iconic McGregor House. Built in the 1880’s and featured on HGTV’s FIXER UPPER Season 3, The McGregor House is bursting with character, stylish design and the perfect touch of farmhouse style to provide a beautiful backdrop to your stay. Guests can expect the majority of the furnishings and decor to remain the same from the previous owners making this Central Texas Treasure a truly memorable stay.  In addition to the McGregor House’s historical architecture, you will be able to enjoy a full kitchen, spacious living and sleeping areas, luxury bathrooms, a dining room and breakfast area, an upstairs coffee nook and plenty of amazing and inspired decor and design. The entire McGregor House is yours to enjoy. Make yourself comfortable and at home.


323 S Madison Ave, McGregor, TX 76657