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Silos Baking Co.

The dream of owning a bakery stemmed completely from Joanna’s love of baking and cooking. From a young age, Joanna delighted in spending time with her family in the kitchen. There, she learned the trade secrets to her homemade chocolate cake, Syrian donuts, chocolate chip cookies, pies and more.

When Chip and Joanna acquired the Silos property in 2014, they immediately began to dream about what the extra building would be transformed into. Together, they fell in love with the idea that people would be able to travel to the Silos – not just for a retail shopping experience – but for a relaxing atmosphere full of unique, fun activities and opportunities for rest. She and Chip decided that the perfect addition to the retail store, food truck park, and garden would be a signature bakery – filled with sweet treats for visitors to enjoy.

The vision behind Silos Baking Co. is that visitors would be able to feel Joanna’s love of baking, and experience her classic, fresh and unexpected style in the form of pastries, breads and sweets.

Silos Baking Co. is open from 7:30am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday.



601 Webster Avenue, Waco, TX 76706


(254) 235-0603