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The Toasted Yolk Cafe

The Toasted Yolk Cafe wants to change the way you think about breakfast, lunch & brunch.
At the Toasted Yolk Café, we sometimes have to wonder: What’s so great about dinner? The foods we love best all arrive before 3 p.m.—perfectly poached eggs, strip after strip of crunchy bacon, and layer upon layer of thin-sliced turkey and pastrami. These are the delicacies we dream about at night, and they’re the ones we want to wake up to. We couldn’t find them served consistently in a restaurant atmosphere that didn’t put us back to sleep. So, we opened our own.

Based in Houston, the brand has rapidly expanded throughout the southern United States. With over 30 locations, the Toasted Yolk wishes to be the largest brunch-themed restaurant in the country. The extensive menu boasts many signature items such as a variety of Benedict Arnolds we refer to as “Arnolds”, along with our own Hashbrown Casserole.

How can you have brunch without Mimosas?! The Toasted Yolk features a full bar as a focal point in the center of the restaurant with a variety of unique cocktails and breakfast shots. Mimosas are discounted every Friday and discounts are also available to scrub-attired nurses and doctors. A dedicated first responder table is also prominently displayed.





1725 Washington Ave Waco, TX 76701


(254) 300-4218