The Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD & TINKERTOY Build YOur Imagination

January 23 through May 1, 201612439206_946403698747270_3720733880975754429_n

Embark on an imaginative adventure in TINKERTOY: Build Your Imagination and The Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD at the Mayborn Museum Complex – two traveling exhibits in one.

Families can design and build amazing Tinkertoy structures using technology as their guide. Visitors will experience an out-of-this world silly adventure with Mr. Potato Head as they explore outer space and under the sea.

TINKERTOY®: Build Your Imagination™ is an educational exhibit that combines the inventive play with GE’s innovative technologies. Giant TINKERTOY® building pieces create a fantastic framework for all of the exhibit’s activities, and real TINKERTOY® construction sets take center stage in a creative play area.

The Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD is an exciting hands-on traveling exhibit created by the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in collaboration with PLAYSKOOL®.
The exhibit features MR. POTATO HEAD, the much-loved silly character, who becomes an astronaut, explorer, scientist, and undersea adventurer with a change of his “parts.”  MR. POTATO HEAD’s kna1.5-Mr.-Potato-head-300x200ck for wacky escapades and familiar personality will engage children in adventures that are friendly, yet exotic, while the comic appeal of the character will charm adults and encourage them to play along.  The MR. POTATO HEAD character will lead the way on amazing adventures into outer space and under the sea.

In addition to building a variety of essential academic skills, the exhibits encourages children to welcome new experiences with confidence, curiosity and humor, to think about all they can be and do, and to always respect themselves and others.