TX Arrival Instructions

State of Texas Form for Arrivals from Areas Designated for Mandatory Self-Quarantine

Pursuant to the Texas Governor’s Executive Order GA-11, dated March 26, 2020, persons entering the State of Texas as a final destination from designated areas must self-quarantine for 14 days or the duration of presence in Texas, whichever is shorter, and must provide specific information. If you are not sure what states this applies to, please visit the following link to find the current list.


To make this as simple as possible, the Texas Department of Public Safety has created an online form that allows you to provide the required information. You can access this online form by scanning the below QR code on your tablet or cellular device. You can also manually type in the URL into your internet browser to be able to access the form.

The form you are completing is being stored in a secure database that is only accessible by personnel at the Texas Department of Public Safety. Any information you submit will be encrypted and secured at all times. 

Please complete one form per person.

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