Treat Yourself in Waco

Are you visiting Waco and need something delicious to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further, because here are some must-try places when nothing will do but sweet treats. Locals welcome too!



  • Baked Bliss Co.

    • Cinnamon rolls. That’s all we have to say. Not only are their cinnamon rolls amazing, but their cupcakes, cakes and cookies are also just as great. They also have gluten-free options!

  • Bittersweet Cookies

    • Bring your stretchy pants, because if you opt for some Bittersweet Cookies, you may well need the extra room around the waist. These cookies are baked to the most satisfying perfection and so rich in flavor. Keep in mind, they sell out pretty quickly, so we recommend following their social media to get an update of their inventory.

  • Churros Time

    • A churro is a fried-dough pastry. Waco’s Churros Time was named Grand Champion at the 2019 Texas Food Truck Showdown. They serve their deliciously warm churros topped with a scoop of ice cream- trust us, it’s good.

  • Helados La Azteca #2

    • Want a taste of Mexico? Well, Helados La Azteca is the spot to go. From their famous Mangonada mango slushie to a wide variety of delicious authentic Mexican treats and aguas frescas, this place is worth a visit!

  • Heritage Creamery

    • No other word to describe Heritage Creamery but AMAZING. The great thing about Heritage Creamery is that all their ingredients for their ice cream, cookies, and cones are from local and regional businesses. Go by and try all the unique kinds of flavors, including Duck Fat Caramel, Strawberry Balsamic, and Honey Lavender.

  • Hey Sugar! Candy Store

    • Want to go back in time? Hey Sugar! Candy Store will bring the kid out in you with nostalgic candy, retro sodas, unique popcorn, gourmet chocolates and old-fashioned ice cream.

  • Katie’s Frozen Custard

    • Katie’s Frozen Custard is a one-of-a-kind custard shop in Waco. Warm weather would not be the same without Katie’s Texas Turtle or Hot Fudge Sunday, but don’t overlook their seasonal specialty Cyclones.

  • Lula Jane’s 

    • At Lula Jane’s, everything is made from scratch and in-house, with the best ingredients. One Google reviewer gushes, “Darling place. Scones fall apart in your mouth, bourbon bread is to die for, quiche is creamy and pie crust is incredible.” If that is not enough to convince you, we don’t know what will. Go give it a try!

  • Pie Peddlers

    • These pies are fresh-baked every day with old fashioned Southern goodness. It is like Thanksgiving, but during any time of the year, whenever you want! Buy ‘em whole, by the slice, or as mini pies on the go!

  • Silos Baking Co.

    • “Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.” Indeed they are, especially the cupcakes from Silos Baking Co. Go experience Joanna Gaines’ love of baking with her classic pastries, bread and, of course, cupcakes!

  • Sironia Uptown Cafe

    • Shop till you drop, and afterwards… eat cake! One of Waco’s hidden longtime treasures, Sironia is a great place to shop and eat, but be sure to make room for their luscious homemade desserts!

  • Sweet Station

    • Originally a gas station built in the 1920s, Sweet Station is one you can’t miss. Just around the corner from the Silos, find lots of candies and sodas selections at this sweet spot!

  • What About Cupcakes?

    • In business since 2008 as Waco’s first dedicated cupcake shop, What About Cupcakes has a variety of standard and specialty flavors. Just down the street from the famous Traffic Circle and Magnolia Table.

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